I’m proud to present the first release of a Giduh Playtime game. 

Buzzz - Escape The Hive

A shooter on bug level with the first level of the game. A game that I like to play myself and hopefully others will enjoy too. The full game with more levels is in development and will be available mid 2020. 

Story of the game

In a quiet park something big is happening on a small scale. 

The bees are working hard to collect nectar and to make honey to store for the colder seasons. But the wasps are suppressing the bees and they enslaved the other bugs in the park so they can steal their honey. 

On the other side of the park there is another hive and Buzzz will deliver a message to their queen to help them. Together they outnumber the wasps so they can fight them and free all the other bugs. 

You will play as Buzzz, flying through the first level and fighting the wasps and other bugs. Collecting powerpoints on your way to save for better weapons and other upgrades you can choose from. 

New levels

The complete game of Buzzz is still in development but here are some stills of coming levels.

How to play

Control Buzzz on the left side of the screen, when you touch te screen a thumbstick will appear. Use the right side of the screen to shoot with the Pollengun. Different enemies have a different health and amount of score points. Try to beat your own high score.

Collect these powerup items to save for a powerup for Buzzz.

Pick up these healthup items when the health of Buzzz is low.


The powerbar will fill up with every powerup item you collect. When Buzzz collected enough powerups for the power that you want, press the “Choosepower” button. Some powerups do have a maximum which will be filling up in yellow in the powerbar. 

Sometimes Buzzz will find a special powerup item that will upgrade a powerup and it’s maximum.


Keep track of the healthbar. Buzzz has 4 health points. When he is hit by a bullet he will loose one health point. But fly into a wall or an enemy he will loose two. 

When crossing a checkpoint, his progress will be saved for when you continue the game later on. When Buzz dies he will return to the last checkpoint but without all the powers he gained. 

Wingpower to let Buzzz fly faster.

Drop Waxbombs on enemies on the ground.

Upgrade the Pollengun for more firepower.

Summon a Ghostbee to get extra help.

The Feelers will protect Buzzz for a while.

Get in contact with Giduh

Do you have any questions or suggestions regarding Buzzz, let us know. 

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